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Confidence in Any Car: "Transforming" a Transit

Brooke Crymes

Posted on September 27 2021

Confidence in Any Car: "Transforming" a Transit

I firmly believe that the confidence one has in the kind of car that they drive says a lot about them. Whether it's being dependent on the car or a fan of the safety, or even just the brand, how you feel about your car reflects your personality.

Take for instance, myself. I drive a 2009 Honda CR-V. With no backstory, you see her (Ophelia) as a hunk of gold on four study wheels with no bluetooth capacity. At the eye, yes, she is a lil dinged and scratched, but she is strong and tough. I honestly have never felt safer in any other car and I'm proud to be seen in it. I'm able to handle her and maneuver her in a familiar way. 

Maybe that's just me being me and the fact that I've only ever really driven that car. But the point is, some people don't think cars are super important. They're just there for transportation and there's no pride behind the appreciation, if there's any of that at all. No, the people who don't value the importance of vehicles may have other passions, but they're not appreciative of the basics. And if you don't respect the foundation that luxury is based on then it doesn't really matter.

The Ford Transit used for remodeling purposes is the basic model, a little larger than basic size. It's low to the ground with brand name tires and no customization. Easily, someone's self esteem could plummet if they were embarrassed about the kind of car they drive. But looking at the transit in a positive light, one can see all the reasons to be thankful for it.

A Transit is bulky enough to be safe, but not enough to be clunky. It was made to be a work van, to be handled a little rough, and the interior does just that. With the addition of carpeting in the backs section, nothing moves around, so products are easily located and identified with ease. Window tint where applicable allows for some protection from the UV rays, as well as some privacy from the outside world.

The trick to having confidence in any car is seeing the vehicle for the benefits it has on your own life. Sure it's to move you from one place to the other, but look how far it's come from just that basic concept. The appreciation of the innovation traces back hundreds of years. And that appreciation is where the confidence comes from.

Enjoy the vehicle you ride in. 

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