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Pet Hair Problem? Puh-Lease. We've Got You Covered

Brooke Crymes

Posted on October 04 2021

Pet Hair Problem? Puh-Lease. We've Got You Covered

In some cases, when a pet owner is shopping for a new car, the type of vehicle is taken into consideration on behalf of the animal. The size of the animal is especially important, specifically if that said animal is able to move around on their own, and not able to be put into a carry cage. In any case, a pet owner has the well-being of their pet in mind when it comes to their car. 

Unfortunately, the pet does not keep the same sentiments in mind. Long-haired animals posses a lovely talent called "hair goes everywhere" in which their coats shed layers wherever they so much breathe, in order to mark where they've traveled before. Your carpets, mats and overall interior will suffer because of the strength of this power, and there's only one hope that can save the future of man from being buried under the furry seas: a deep clean.

Yes, a deep clean of your interior will hold the majority of force during the attack. It will be slow, take a lot of hard work, but the results of your effort will be seen. And the best part? A2 Detail Supply Co can supply you with some top notch weapons to aid you on your quest. 

The biggest secret weapon that I can recommend is one of those rubber brushes and some Carpet Bomber from PnS. A little bit of scrubbing followed by a quick vacuum to clean up the remnants and your car will be looking--and smelling--great!


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