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Car Mats Matter

Brooke Crymes

Posted on September 20 2021

Car Mats Matter

I know it's the subject that's been on everyone's lips. It's been the talk of the town and now I'm here to bring it to the attention of everyone else: car mats. 

You know, those rubber linings that your feet meet when climbing into the front seat?

I don't mean to be poetic, but I'm really passionate about the product that protects my vehicle from possible stain or damage. How's that for alliteration?

On a more serious note, car mats benefit the interior of your car in so many ways. They're easy to clean, so any goop or gunk that finds it's way onto the lining can be easily washed off, which saves the carper or lining of your car, as well as keeping the air fresh. It also will allow for the interior of your car to be kept in better condition for a longer period of time. Too often, stains and soils can date the car and make it look worse than it really is. 

Car mats are the best layer of protection that one can use to combat the forces of dirt and grime. And best of all, they're useful in any season! In the rain or snow against mud, tracking in flower petals or leaves stuck to your feet, even rocks wedged in the the treads of your shoes! Not only will your car be looking good and smelling better, it will be in so much better condition. 

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