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Car Wash vs. Hand Wash

Brooke Crymes

Posted on September 13 2021

Car Wash vs. Hand Wash

Car Washes.

They're quick, reasonably priced and hassle free, for the most part. Not having to move a single muscle besides putting your car in neutral? Not having to even get out of your car? Sounds like a dream come true for the time crunchers. Taking a closer look at the neighborhood car washes, it begs a question: are they really worth it?

The aforementioned pros are all great in a pinch, but all the qualities deal with surface area issues. Unless there's some form of elbow grease, is anything really clean? A five dollar car wash can take off a layer or two of dust, dirt and insect remains, but it won't get the caked on mud splatters or the dried bird droppings. It won't get the dirt particles lodged in the carpets or the streaks inside the windows. 

So yeah, it's great to relieve a minor headache. But the investment in detailing products will save so much money rather than the upkeep of cosmetic cleaning. A little elbow grease goes a long way! High quality products keep your car's shine, clean and sparkle in top condition and lasting longer than a quick fix. 


So check out the store and end the debate here. It's obvious a hand wash brings way more to the table than those in and out pop ups. A2 Detail Supply Co brings high quality products right to your door. Happy Detailing!

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