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Back to School (Part 2): More Tips to Start the School Year Right!

Brooke Crymes

Posted on September 06 2021

Back to School (Part 2): More Tips to Start the School Year Right!

As we discussed last week, using the start of the school season to jumpstart healthy habits or better feelings is a way to enforce a happier mindset. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand with a healthier brain and beneficial habits. Even if it's something small, such as taking care of your car, it takes effort, time, elbow grease, and care to finish a project like that. It's hard to believe that so much of this year has already flown by, but alas, it's already back-to-school season! This year is special because we're seeing more students going back to in-person learning, meaning that everyone has to be looking and feeling their best! What's that phrase that everyone says? You only look as good as your car? And it inspires a process to put an equal amount of effort, time, elbow grease and care into yourself and your life! Treat yourself like the car that you've always wanted. Make sure each piece shines!

Bet you never though you'd be receiving self help advice from an automotive blog, but lately, nothing is really as it seems! But back on track, taking care of your car just drives home the metaphor of taking care of yourself. Make sure all your fluid levels are safe in your vehicle, just like you should be staying hydrated. Are your break pads in good condition? Do you have strong emotional and physical support to help celebrate your successes and learn from your losses? Is your car insured? Are you in good physical and mental health?

The same questions asked about your car can draw a straight parallel to yourself. Use the start of the school year to really take the time to focus on the driver, rather than the machine. How can you help yourself out this year?

As always, happy detailing, and happy 2021-22 school year!

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