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To Tint or Not to Tint: That's the Question!

Brooke Crymes

Posted on June 14 2021

hands holding up window tint to fit window

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting more bearable and the sun's rays are getting stronger. This is great for you, your health and your mood, but unfortunately, not for your car. With the incredible amount of sunshine during the summer months, an important question arises: should I tint my windows or leave them as they are?

When making a decision such as this one, it's important to consider some factors. How many windows would you be getting done? In our home state of Pennsylvania, the laws differ depending on if you're getting regular, windshield or rear windows done. You also have to take into consideration your weather and the temperatures your car performs in. Here, in the dead of summer we see heat waves above 100 degrees, which cooks the interior and may release chemicals in the plastic from the car. Plus, no one likes getting into a steaming hot car.

With tinted windows, the interior of your car is safe from harmful rays and doesn't allow for the inside temperature to get to stifling hot. Your interior, especially your dashboard, will accept your touch without feeling like you've burned your fingerprints off.

Different states may have different laws based on the percentage of tint allowed, so its always important to read up on the legalities of what you aim to do. However, in areas prone to sweltering heat, it's always an affordable and worthwhile investment. Plus, it makes your vehicle looks ten times sleeker and customized. 

So why not live a little bit? Do something good for you, your skin AND your car. 

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