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Make a Splash with a Pressure Washer: Why the Investment is Worth it

Brooke Crymes

Posted on June 07 2021

Make a Splash with a Pressure Washer: Why the Investment is Worth it

Gone are the clouds and cold temperatures of the winter months-summer is here and the sun is out! With better weather comes the responsibility of keeping the exterior (and interior) of your car shiny and clean. Nothing looks better than the sun reflecting off freshly washed ceramic. But how can you achieve this in the easiest way possible?

A pressure washer's price tag may be a bit of a heart stopper, but there are tons of benefits to investing in this tool. Not only does a pressure washer cover a wider surface area than a regular hose, but the actual pressure provides more power than the typical elbow grease you could put into wiping off the suds yourself. 

It's quick in getting the job done, whatever that may be. Specifically, a pressure washer comes in handy when cleaning your tire wells. Have you ever taken a look at what's behind your tires? All the mud and kick back from the roads you go racing down get flung into your wells and cause build up. And, unless you can shimmy yourself up there OR have a stick with a wash rag attached to it, you're not gonna have much luck with removing all the gunk and grime. In less than three minutes, a pressure washer will wipe away everything and make it look good as new.

And your tires? What better way to get harden mud out of crevices than highly pressurized water! It takes so much time and energy to get in every nook and cranny--energy that you could save for detailing AFTER the initial wash.

So, a pressure washer is a great investment for your time, energy and back muscles--things that you can conserve until later in the car washing and detailing process. Don't be too afraid of the price tag. You'll be saving so much aggravation. Take a look at what's in stock in the shop (while supplies last). You'll be happy with your purchase. Happy Washing!

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