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Legend - A Premium Coating Experience


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LEGEND is our most durable premium coating for clients looking for the next level of performance. The experience of LEGEND is different for both installers and clients. LEGEND creates a rich, shiny gloss adding serious depth and protection to exterior surfaces, while providing a pleasurable install.

So "What is LEGEND"?? LEGEND is a premium coating with the same active ingredient as CLASSIC, SOLE & VUE. However, the concentration of active is much higher, thus providing a deeper glossier finish. The higher active requires an adjusted delivery system. This change creates a fresh, easy install experience for installers when compared to other coatings in its class. LEGEND is without a doubt "A Premium Coating Experience".

The LEGEND kit includes a 30 ml bottle of LEGEND, our exclusive two color barrier coating applicator, LEGEND door jamb label and install card with QR code to a custom install video specifically for LEGEND. LEGEND Inspiration Ceramic Coating is an easy to install coating, but we still recommend the product to be installed by professionals and proper procedures must be followed for effective application and results. We do not recommend product use or application by untrained individuals.