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Why Microfiber Towels?

Brooke Crymes

Posted on January 11 2021

Why Microfiber Towels?

When it comes to detailing your car, or even washing it, you may have noticed car enthusiasts and professionals whip out towels with a different texture as opposed to a normal one. Why not just use regular paper towels, bath towels, or anything of the sort?

Well, like most products you would use for your car, a microfiber towel is used specifically with the intention of making sure your surfaces--both inside and out--are wiped free of lint, dirt and other materials caught in the air, like dust. Microfiber towels are sought after for their fine fibers, hence the name, that whisk away the dust and dirt and catch the lint that other towels may leave behind. These are used to ensure a streak free shine, with no scratches on your interior or exterior. With high absorption rates, these towels wipe up any excess water or liquid that may be used when cleaning and detailing.

Now, when searching for the perfect microfiber towel for you and your car, or even in your every day cleaning, it can be a little confusing to find one that fits. These towels are described by their Grams per Square Meter, or GSM. This is just fancy talk for the density of the towel--the higher this number, the softer and fluffier your towel will be. The heavier the weight of the towel, the longer the lifespan of it: thicker microfiber towels tend to last longer due to having more fibers in them. Plastic, harder texture surfaces or leather seats typically take to towels between 200-350 GSM. More delicate surfaces, or those more likely to receive scratches may require a towel with a GSM of 600 or greater. 

If you're still not sure about what towel would be best for you--don't fret! The a2 Detail Supply Company has many in stock, with different GSMs and colors to choose from. Get different colors to coincide with interior/exterior cleaning, or to match your mood! The possibilities are endless. 

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