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From the Inside Out: Maintaining a Clean Car

Brooke Crymes

Posted on November 30 2020

From the Inside Out: Maintaining a Clean Car

It's no secret that I treat my car like it's a second home. I love to drive and when I'm alone in my car, I really feel at ease and at peace. Once I started working for Door Dash over the summer, the time I spent in my car skyrocketed, as I would be driving every morning up to 7/8 hours a day. So yeah, I was never parted with my driver's seat for very long. However, after driving my way through the yellow and green phases of quarantine, as well as the multiple trips up to my college house to move out, my car really took a beating. So, with Andy at the lead, we took seven hours to complete give my car the attention and love I've been lacking to give it. 

Carpets were shampooed and old mats that couldn't be revived were trashed; seats were washed, conditioned and treated to bring their original tan color out from the brown stains of dirt and coffee that hid them away. We wiped down every available surface, vacuumed everything in sight and cleaned up pretty much any trace of dirt. The exterior was treated with care: washing, buffing, ceramic coating and a whole list of treatments--the wheels included. All that precision and love to make my car look and smell as new as it could be. And I was so happy with it. 

Now, after all that hard work, I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. So, the question becomes: How can I keep my car feeling like this all the time? That answer is pretty simple, in my opinion. Neglect is the #1 reason behind a dirty car, take it from me. Obviously, fall and winter make for some interesting things getting tracked into the car from your shoes, but I would just leave it there and completely ignore anything that I was bringing in. I allowed friends to eat and drink whatever they wanted while I was driving, but messes and spills were left alone when it was time to pile out of the car. And let me tell you, I can't fall back into those habits, no matter how tempting they may be.

A clean car brings a sense of pride to the owner. Regular washing and waxing of the outside paint and rims can really bring a sparkle to an otherwise dull shell of a vehicle. Now, the inside is a little bit trickier, but it's brought about by discipline and overall care for your car. As the owner and driver of your vehicle, it is ultimately your responsibility for what happens inside. No more ignoring spills and dirt tracked in from outside, and hold off on eating until it's out of the car, if possible. A clean car makes for a clear mind.

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