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Cleaning vs. Detailing

Andy Crymes

Posted on October 30 2020

Cleaning vs. Detailing
This is the question you might ask yourself: Cleaning or Detailing? Go ask some friends this question: When your car is dirty, what do you do? You will get some people that will say "I clean it" and others will say "I detail it".

What do YOU do?

When I think of a clean car, it’s not dirty, but taken care of. But when I think of a detailed car, it’s meticulous and no part left untouched. There is honestly nothing wrong with either answer. A clean car or a detailed car is still presentable. Just don't be the person that has trash all over the inside and have never washed your car—we can't be friends.


Why should I detail my car?
It is difficult for some people to understand why detailing is needed rather than just a normal vacuum, wipe and wash, or a maintenance clean. There are some extra steps that are necessary to ensure that your car will look great for a long time. Looking great makes you feel good, so having a clean car will do just the same.  Also, taking care of your car more meticulously will help your resale value if you decide to upgrade your ride. Taking the extra steps to ensure your vehicle is in its best condition doesn’t have to be grueling work. Simple tasks can help protect against UV Rays, road grime and salt, and other nuances like bird poop, bugs, sap, pollen and anything else that can get mashed into your car while you're out on the road. 
The interior of the car is where you spend most of your time. Windows up or down? A/C or Heat? Cloth or Leather? Manual or Automatic? What is your preferred setting? No matter what you favor, that intoxicating smell of a new or freshly detailed interior is unarguably the best part of getting into a car. The sun’s rays are the #1 source for damage to interior plastics. Your dashboard, door panels and seats are constantly being cooked, which releases all of the natural moisturizers that keep them from looking fresh and new. This is where quality interior moisturizers are needed to help protect all of the surfaces. Have you lost a couple French Fries between your seats or spilled coffee all over your carpet and console? The interior is a messy space and with a quality detailing and normal maintenance, it will make your car more enjoyable for years to come!

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