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Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic Conditioner


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Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic is meant to be used to clean and condition the rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces of your vehicle--inside and out. It will leave the surfaces pliable, conditioned, and free of any greasy residue. It can be used on your plastic trim, dashboard, center console, and door panels to keep them clean and ensure they don’t lose their shine.

How do I use Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic?

To Clean Interior Surfaces and Plastic:

Spray Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic into a Premium Red Microfiber Towel and wipe onto your dashboard, center console, steering wheel, glove box, headrests, door panels, and door pockets to keep your surfaces looking new.

To Clean Carpet:

Spray Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic directly onto the carpet, agitate with a Nylex Handle Brush, then vacuum.

To Clean Engine Bay:

Spray Rebel Rubber and Vinyl directly onto hoses, rubber, and plastic components. Close hood and turn on your vehicle for 10 minutes to let excess product evaporate, leaving a brand new look.

For Tires:

For a new tire look, apply Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic to a Premium Microfiber Round Pad, apply to the tire, and let dry. For a wet tire look, Spray Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic directly onto the tire and let dry.


Pro tip:

For stubborn dirt and stains, pre-treat the area with our Rebel Savage APC All-Purpose Cleaner.