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Detailer Series Essentials Kit


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#DetailerSeries Essentials Kit

Clean, wash, shine, and protect your vehicle with the #DetailerSeries Essentials Kit.

From degreasers and all-purpose cleaners to break down grime, soaps to wash it away, an instant detailer for any spots you may have missed, and products to seal everything up with a great shine, this kit will put you on the fast track to getting your vehicle to look its best. It even comes with a specially-formulated towel soap to properly clean your microfibers, while also reducing the occurrence of lint.

 The #DetailerSeries Essentials Kit includes:


Maxi Suds is a highly-concentrated economical soap that is appropriate for use in a bucket, foam cannon, or in an automatic car wash. It effectively cleans away grease, bugs, oil, road film, dirt, and grime off of your vehicle's surface.

Glass Magic is ready-to-use glass cleaner that is ideal for windshields, headlights, windows, and mirrors. It is ammonia-free and alcohol based, which makes it safe for window tint. It's also streak-free and leaves your windows sparkling clean.

Deep Wet Carnauba Wax is an ultra-premium finish wax that is designed to give your vehicle that show-ready "wet" look. Deep Wet Carnauba Crème contains a pre-softened 100% all-natural Brazilian Carnauba wax.

Final Touch Instant Detailer is designed to remove fingerprints and smudges while simultaneously adding gloss and protection to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. It's perfect for paint, glass, and chrome.

Towel Rewind Microfiber Towel Soap is a super-powerful, low-foam towel soap. Unlike powder soaps, this product will not streak on windows or leave a residue on towels. Towels will last longer, maintain their softness, and avoid traces of lint after long usage.

Mega Shine Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic Dressing is a water-based dressing with a cherry scent. It will bring a long-lasting high shine to your tires and plastic automobile trim.

Knock Out Heavy Duty Degreaser is a concentrated degreaser that will safely remove dirt, grease, grime, and brake dust from tires, wheels, engine compartments, door jambs, and gas caps while not leaving a residue. It's also great for cleaning white wall tires.

Citrus Safetouch All-Purpose Cleaner is a low-pH, non-acidic, and non-caustic cleaner. It can be used on exterior surfaces such as wheel wells and engine bays and is also appropriate for the interior of your vehicle on surfaces such as door panels and dashboards, after being diluted 1:10 from the gallon size.