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Rebel California LOVE Air Freshener

Rebel California LOVE Air Freshener

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California Love Air Freshener is formulated to keep your vehicle smelling great with sweet notes of vanilla and a dash of spice. This Air Freshener not only neutralizes but actually eliminates strong fast food or cigarette odors. If your furry little bundle of joy leaves a not so joyful smell behind on your vehicle look no further. California Love is here to save your vehicle from undesired smells.

Use in any vehicle and keep your interior smelling fresh and rejuvenated. Things will never be the same.

Undesirable smells cling deep into the fibers of the fabric in your vehicle’s roof, seats and carpet making it hard to get rid of them but not impossible. Something most people don’t know is that bad odors also cling to the cabin air filter.  Below we will teach you simple ways to effectively neutralize and remove odors from your vehicle.

How to use Rebel California Love Air Freshener?

After disposing of all the trash, vacuum the floor mats, carpet and under the seats. Mist California Love Air Freshener on the carpet, floor mats and seats if they are fabric. For leather seats spray on a Premium Red Microfiber Towel and gently apply on seats and headrest.

How to Flush my vehicles AC system using Rebel California Love Air Freshener:

Step 1
Turn on your vehicle and set up your AC to its maximum setting.

Step 2
Be sure to have the AC system set to recirculate.

Step 3
Spray Rebel California Love Air Freshener under your glove compartment and above the pedals 3 – 5 times on each side depending on the severity of the odor and turn your vehicle off.

Pro tips

  • Repeat this process after your pet has been in your vehicle.
  • If you are a smoker repeat this process once a week as it neutralizes new odors over time.