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Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover

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What is Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover?

Voodoo X removes iron particles and industrial fallout from your vehicle’s paint and wheels with an acid-free and pH-balanced formula. Voodoo X Iron Remover is typically used by detailers before the clay bar process. Additionally, Voodoo X is a safe alternative to corrosive acid washes that are harmful to both your health and your vehicle's finish.

What causes iron build up?


Iron particulate tend to deposit themselves into your vehicle's finish in the form of metal dust, industrial fallout, and organic matter. Iron buildup is also frequently found on wheels, as they are exposed to the metal particulates and dust from brake pads and rotors.

How to use Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover?

Step 1
Spray Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover directly onto your vehicle panels and wheels. Make sure to spray the product generously into the nooks of your wheels, brakes, and calipers to rid all areas of buildup.

Step 2

Wait until Voodoo X begins to turn purple. The color change is a result of a chemical reaction taking place that is lifting iron particulates out of your vehicle's surfaces. Depending on the severity of the build-up you may have to agitate surfaces using a Microfiber Wash Mitt or a Nylex Handle Wheel Brush.

Step 3
Rinse your vehicle and wheel thoroughly.

Pro tips

  • Use gloves during use.
  • Voodoo X can be used while your vehicle is either wet or dry.
  • Spray only on cool surfaces and do not use on vinyl, leather or moldings.
  • Do not use in direct sunlight.
  • Use VooDoo X in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not let it dry on the surface of your vehicle.